About Us


Since 2004, Pena4 Tech Solutions has been providing precise and timely customized business data processing outsourcing services that meet international standards. With a full compliment of IT, Financial & Healthcare related professionals, including a wide array of IT Administrators & Programmers, Accountants & Bookkeepers, and Allied Health professionals such as Physicians (MDs), Nurses, and Certified Medical Coding Specialist (CCS, CPC, ICD-10 Trainers) credentials, we can assist in nearly any project.

With offices in the United States, Puerto Rico & India, Pena4 Tech Solutions is well positioned to derive benefits from the IT Enabled Services (ITES) market and become a key hub for these (and your) services.

  1. Specialists in IT, BPO, Billing & Coding services for Healthcare Providers
  2. Highly educated and highly skilled industry professionals
  3. Fully HIPAA Compliant
  4. Focused on Complete Client Satisfaction
  5. Specialists in IT, BPO, Billing & Coding services for Healthcare Providers
  6. Significant investment in training of resources 
  7. State of the Art Infrastructure
  8. Experienced & Certified Subject matter experts
  9. High levels of Data Security Maintained
  10. Fastest growing Indian Company Excellence award


We take care of your administrative burden and let you to focus on improving the quality of patient care.